The Reason You Think Too Much (And how to stop)


An anonymous writer to the New York Times recently encountered a problem. They work at a non-profit in a unit of about ten people. The head of the group wanted the team to gather at a one-day retreat to set a strategy for the next fiscal year. But the office was undergoing renovations so the team needed a new venue. They settled on a common meeting room at the condo residence of a subordinate...

Why Good Start-Ups Go Bad


“Thefacebook is an online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges.” That was the first mission statement written in 2004, of the company that would become Facebook then Meta.  The mission statement has changed a few times since then, describing the company as a “social utility” and as a way to give “people the power to share and make the world more...

Don’t Quit That Job!


Hank Li describes himself a “compulsive job-hopper.” Writing on eFinancialCareers in May this year, Li explains that he quit his first post-graduate job at a Singaporean bank after two years. His next position at a global bank lasted only eight months and at his third job, Li didn’t finish the year. With three jobs in just under four years, Li, a pseudonym, looks like a loyal employee compared to...

The Best Way to Boost Your Team


Premier League soccer team Manchester United have had a slow start to the 2022 season, losing two of their first six games. But their position might have been even worse. In a pre-season game against Rayo Vallecano, the Spanish team faked a long pass, sending United’s defense scurrying back towards the goal. Rayo Vallecano then played a shorter through ball to Alvaro Garcia who forced a save out...

The Complete Rules for Working from Home


In April this year, as the pandemic faded and masks fell, Jacob Rees-Mogg, a British cabinet minister, took a tour of British government offices. At each desk left empty by a civil servant still working from home, he placed a note printed on headed stationery. “Sorry you were out when I visited,” he wrote. “I look forward to seeing you in the office very soon.” Dave Penman, General Secretary of...

Your Zoom Meetings Can Be a Lot More Productive


Covid might not have done much for workplace gossip but it has created a whole new genre of workplace mishaps. Magazines are now filled with stories of home-based workers getting caught on Zoom meetings with their pants off, cats cutting their connections to major clients, and participants going to the bathroom with the camera on and the door open. Those stories are inevitable. Over the last two...

Mind Mapping for Experts


As Covid continued through the start of 2021, Adi Adegbite, a UX researcher and designer, noticed an increase in the number of people complaining on Twitter about PLT, a shopping app made by a UK-based fast fashion brand. Adegbite took the complaints as an opportunity to practice her UX design skills. Her aim, she says, was to improve the overall user experience by providing a better shopping...

When You Should – and Shouldn’t – Monitor Remote Staff


It took Adam Satariano less than an hour. Writing in The New York Times last year, he explained that he had started work at 8.49am. He responded to emails, browsed the news and scrolled Twitter. (As a journalist, it’s just possible that reading a newspaper and flicking through social media could count as “work.”) At 9.14am he started editing an upcoming story and read through his interview notes...

Your Social Media Posts Could Kill Your Career


It’s the moment every sportsman waits their life for. Ollie Robinson was 27 years and his career as a professional cricketer had been troubled. Fired at 20 from one team for “unprofessional conduct”—he preferred partying to training—he found his way to a different team. He knuckled down, worked hard, and rebuilt his reputation. Seven years later, he received what every professional cricketer...

What You Need To Turn a Great Idea into a Great Product


For Paul Buchheit, it was often a side project. Google’s employee number 23 would take on ideas that caught his eye and see if he could get them to work. While employed on Google Groups, he took the code and built a new email interface with an in-built search mechanism. That code became Gmail, a service that now has about 1.5 billion users. AdSense too had been an idea that Googlers had talked...

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