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WeWork Still Works for Networking


Paulina Serrato and Joseph Orr met in New York at WeWork 222 Broadway in 2016. They now run a mobile nail salon together that sends manicurists to offices in the city. Jordan Rushie is a lawyer in Fishtown, Philadelphia. He’s written about the ethics of using a shared workspace to run a law firm. He’s also landed at least three clients he met through WeWork events. Krystal Ariel picked up a PR...

Making Cloud Collaboration Tools Work for Remote Workers


Vermont really isn’t a bad place to live. It’s green—except in fall when it’s incredibly colorful. You can ski. It’s filled with craft beers. And if you work remotely, the state will pay you up to $10,000 to move in. In May last year, Vermont’s Republican governor Phil Scott signed a bill to attract technology workers by helping to pay their relocation costs. The money could be used to pay for...

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