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The Work of Professional Meme Makers


In November 2015 stock photographer Antonio Guillem posted a picture on Shutterstock. It showed a young man walking in a city street with his girlfriend. His head is turned back and he ogles a woman walking in the other direction. His girlfriend has a look of disgust. The picture was shot in Gerona, Spain, and it was one of a number of pictures that Guillem had made featuring the same three...

Scientists Have Discovered the Secret to Effective Meetings


Employees engage in two kinds of work. There’s the work they do while sitting at their desks: writing lines of code, drawing designs, writing copy, closing deals. And then there’s the time spent talking about work: sitting in meetings, nodding at bosses, trying not to fall asleep, and thinking about lunch. That second type of “work” is growing. According to some studies, executives would spend...

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