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Swarm AI Has the Answer to All Your Questions


In 2019, the Miami Heat NBA team wanted to know which of its services most satisfied its season ticket holders. The franchise believed that if it knew what drove fans to renew their memberships it could boost renewals and increase its income. It had options. The team could have simply handed out a survey and asked its fans to score from one to five a list of the benefits they enjoyed as season...

Scale Your Business at the Right Speed


In 2011, Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharcyzk faced a difficult decision. The founders of AirBnB had spent the last four years building their business. After bootstrapping by selling election-themed breakfast cereal, they had won a place in Silicon Valley’s prestigious Y Combinator and had gradually settled on the company’s product, its service, and its standard. AirBnB had recently...

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