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The Blockchain Trends You Need to Know


When the blockchain launched in 2008, the expectation among enthusiasts was that Satoshi had created a new technology that would soon reshape the world. Money, in particular, would never the be the same. Instead of the whim of a central banker determining the value of a national currency through the printing of more cash, a connected world would use a limited currency whose value would be...

Digital Art Gives Creatives New Opportunities… and New Gatekeepers


On January 1, 1971, Henry Darger wrote an entry in his diary. “I had a very poor nothing like Christmas. Never had a good Christmas all my life, nor a good new year, and now… I am very bitter but fortunately not revengeful, though I feel should be how I am.” It was his last entry. Two years later, the hospital janitor died aged 81 at St. Augustine’s Home for the Aged. He was buried...

The Rise and Rise of the Virtual Influencer


Grime’s gestation lasted more than a year. In November 2018, the Canadian techno star registered a Twitter account called WarNymph. It wasn’t until January 2020, though, that the account received a matching Instagram stream and its first post. WarNymph, the world learned, was a winged baby with pixie ears and a bow and arrow. She grew up quickly. A few weeks after recording a message predicting...

Podcasting Is Still HAVING ITS DAY


It started in a basement. Sarah Koenig, a producer on This American Life, a weekly radio program, had pitched a new kind of show. Instead of choosing a different theme for each episode and creating stories related to that theme, Koenig and her colleague Julie Snyder would tell a single, long story over multiple episodes. The show would follow a format as old as Dickens. Each episode would build...

The Work of Professional Meme Makers


In November 2015 stock photographer Antonio Guillem posted a picture on Shutterstock. It showed a young man walking in a city street with his girlfriend. His head is turned back and he ogles a woman walking in the other direction. His girlfriend has a look of disgust. The picture was shot in Gerona, Spain, and it was one of a number of pictures that Guillem had made featuring the same three...

China’s Social Media World is Way Better Than Ours… And That’s Okay


In January this year, a man in China’s Bozhou city received a parking fine. He wasn’t happy about it. “Grandma’s legs!” he wrote on WeChat Moments, using a light Chinese curse. “I only parked for ten minutes to pick up my kid and it’s a 100 yuan fine.” The next day, the local police wrote their own post on Weibo, a kind of Chinese Twitter. The post reported that a man in Bozhou county had been...

Why Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night are Illegal


Now that we all have high quality cameras in our pockets and access to stock sites packed with millions of images, creating or finding visual content should be a breeze. See a beautiful scene, and you can shoot it, edit it, and put it on a website, a commercial, or a product. Imagine a picture you want to use—whether it’s a beach in the Caribbean or the bottom of a mine shaft, and you can either...

Why Sourcing Good Travel Images Is So Damn Difficult


For publications and designers in need of travel images, these should be glorious days. With a camera in every pocket, a photogenic scene around every exotic corner, and social media sites offering a platform for anyone who snaps a shot of the Eiffel Tower or a Venice canal, there really should be no shortage of images for businesses to use. In practice, it hasn’t turned out that way. Despite the...

Teach English To Be A Professional Photographer


When Chad Ingraham completed his photography studies in 2004 he wasn’t entirely certain what he wanted to do. A Canadian from New Brunswick, he knew he wanted to see the world and he knew too that waiting for a photography client to turn up and give him an expense account to cover his air fares would mean waiting in North America for a very long time. “It was either working on a cruise, or...

I’m a Photographer for National Geographic


When photographer Paul Nicklen climbed from his Zodiac into the Antarctic Ocean to take pictures of a massive leopard seal for National Geographic, the former marine biologist from Baffin Island, Canada, had no idea what to expect. A short distance from an enormous marine predator and in freezing waters, he swam up to the seal with a dry mouth and shaking legs. As he began taking pictures, the...

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