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Top the App Store in 2021


For mobile app developers in 2009, life was easy. The iPhone was just two years old and had sold little more than 40 million units. The App Store had launched the year before, with an initial offer of just 500 applications. By November 2009, the store had generated two billion downloads from only 100,000 apps. The number of apps available varied from region to region though. So when Rovio, a...

What Makes Teams Productive


People in China are used to seeing new constructions rise quickly. Sites are filled with workers, noise, sparks, shouting, and the constant movement of multiple cranes swinging heavy loads to high floors. Within a few weeks, what started as an empty plot has developed into a deep hole, then tall scaffolding, and finally the skeleton of a building, waiting for cladding. Few buildings, though, have...

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