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The Hit and Run of Guerrilla Marketing


In 2018, Olly Bolton and Tom Proctor, co-founders of drinks company, What a Melon, entered a business competition run by Richard Branson’s Virgin Voom. They won the crowdfunding part of the contest and received as part of their prize… a double-decker bus. Instead of selling the bus and using the funds to grow their new business, the pair modified it. They wrapped it in watermelon colors, removed...

The Right Way to Manage Your Time


Elon Musk wasn’t happy. The team building his Starship rocket system, which is intended to fly to Mars, weren’t working hard enough. It was one o’clock on a Sunday morning and they weren’t in the workshops, hammering steel, and designing thrusters. So he called an all-hands meeting. In the middle of a weekend night, he had everyone assemble at SpaceX’s south Texas site and demanded to know why...

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