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Consumption is Key to Creativity


Creativity is often portrayed as something almost magical. Inspiration doesn’t grow; it strikes. Ideas arrive fully-formed and completely different to anything that’s come before. The creative types who come up with these ideas are framed as geniuses, a group unlike the rest of us, born with a unique set of abilities. While mere mortals can only copy what came before, creating variations on a...

The Value of an Influencer


A million dollars. That’s how much a single post on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram feed will cost you. If that sounds extravagant, you could try Selena Gomez. She only charges $800,000 a post. Kim Kardashian is practically bargain basement at $720,000 a post, while Logan Paul is giving it away by charging just $17,000 a post. How Much Does an Influencer Cost A million dollars. That’s how much a single...

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