Bitcoin is often pitched as more than a currency. To computer geeks, the blockchain that underpins it is a work of technological genius. To libertarians, bitcoin’s lack of a central reserve makes it a revolutionary tool allowing them to throw off the shackles of government. To criminals, it’s a way to buy and sell illicit products without leaving a paper trail.

But at its heart bitcoin is always a currency. It’s a store of value that can be used to pay for products in exactly the same way as dollars, euros and yen, but one that can be passed across borders instantly and with no transaction fees.

For freelancers and digital nomads, for service providers who live anywhere and serve clients everywhere, bitcoin is the ideal currency. It allows them beat exchange rates, cut out payment processors and use a currency that isn’t tied to any national government.

THE FREELANCER’S GUIDE TO BITCOIN explains why bitcoin should be the currency of choice for anyone serving clients online today. It explains how bitcoin works, explores what the blockchain can do for freelancers, and discusses why and how it should replace fiat currencies for Internet-based service providers.

Bitcoin has also created a world of new opportunities and new gigs for freelancers. From consulting and content creation to design and coding, bitcoin has given freelancers in every industry both a new way to earn for their work, and a new way to find work that pays. THE FREELANCER’S GUIDE TO BITCOIN will show freelancers how to accept bitcoin and how to earn from the world’s most innovative currency.

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