Anyone can learn how to trade. Anyone can study the financial markets, pick stocks, and build funds out of different currencies. The rise of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies has opened an entirely new world of finance, opening the door to anyone willing to study the difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin, the right way to assess an ICO, and the smart way to keep digital currencies safe.

But trading is only one way to make money out of financial knowledge. It’s also risky and unreliable. There are plenty of other ways to turn an understanding of the markets—whether stocks, forex, or cryptocurrency—into a revenue stream.

In this guide, we’ll look at twelve of the best.

We’ll explore signals services and brokerages, financial courses and news services. We’ll explore podcasts and security services and even dip our toes into some advanced and high-paying financial services such as software creation and fund management. There will be opportunities here for every financial whiz, whether a new part-time trader or an advanced professional.

In each chapter, you’ll find three case studies which explain how three different financial experts each managed to build their own business in the field. We’ll also look what you need to build a business in that financial field, how to stand out, and how to find your market.

Whether you’re someone who likes to trade the odd cryptocurrency or whether you’re a former banker looking for a bit of independent income in your spare time, you should find in this guide a way to turn your knowledge into revenue.

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